Our Process

The YMCA Calgary Strategic Plan for 2021-2030 is the result of an extensive multi-step process involving multiple stakeholders and guided by a Strategic Planning Task Force. The following document outlines the steps that were undertaken to arrive at the Strategic Priorities and Goals. This was achieved in four phases:

Mission Refinement
Strategic Inquiry
Board Retreat
Strategic Framework

Our first step was to revisit the Mission and Vision of YMCA Calgary. This was done through a Vision, Mission, Values working group and a Mission Statement 101 workshop with staff and volunteers across the YMCA ecosystem. The aim was to ensure the Mission statement was reflective of our modern environment and included the perspective of the newly added arts programming. Once we refined the commitment of YMCA Calgary, we made choices and developed the Strategic Plan framework through the lens of this commitment.

An extensive Strategic Inquiry process was undertaken seeking to answer four foundational questions that guided our work. We set out to discover how YMCA Calgary can:

1. increase our reach,
2. enrich our impact,
3. improve access, and
4. ensure sustainability to support the changing needs of Calgarians.

To help us seek answers to the above questions, we developed a strategic planning development framework placing the strategic direction at the centre, encircled by four themes, which surfaced through qualitative and quantitative data to inform our strategy. The themes are nested within the Vision, Mission, Values, and Promise of YMCA Calgary.

They included:

Community Needs

Economic Projections

Value Proposition and Relevance

Partnership and Engagement

Vision & Mission

Community Needs
Value Proposition
& Relevance
& Engagement Models
Economic Projections
& Urban Development

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