Strategic Priority

Here for the Long Term

YMCA Calgary has a strong history of serving the Calgary community. We want to continue to be here for the long term Within the next ten years, we will celebrate milestones such as Camp Chief Hector YMCA turning 100 years old and 50 years of girls attending camp. We know how to manage and maintain assets and we want to ensure our facilities are sustainable and accessible to everyone. We also know that to be of service over the next 125 years we will need to continue to intentionally develop volunteer and staff leaders to ensure we are creating the future we want for Calgarians.

Goals 2021-2030

  • The association is strengthening our 25-year development plan that executes on a comprehensive Association Master Plan to ensure our long-term sustainability
  • We have implemented or participated in initiatives which support environmental sustainability and have taken steps to ensure that our operations are not contributing adversely to climate change.
  • All our decisions about current and future facilities are based on a broad needs analysis and stakeholder consultation. Specific emphasis will be on the aging assets and future of the Gray Family Eau Claire, Melcor, Camp Chief Hector, and Shawnessy YMCAs
  • In all that we do, we are open to investigating and partnering where the YMCA can best serve the community

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