Strategic Priority

Exceptional Experiences

People are looking for, and value experiences - experiences in which they are immersed, have opportunities to connect, and feel engaged.  Our research helped us understand that we need to deliver experiences that enhance the quality of people’s lives through connection and engagement. Creating meaningful experiences requires a commitment to learning and listening, continuous quality improvement, service excellence, and change.

Goals 2021-2030

  • We have expanded the definition of membership to reach beyond our facilities to better serve and retain our current multigenerational member base and to attract more Calgarians
  • With the lens of equity, we have expanded our services to youth, newly arrived Calgarians, seniors, and indigenous communities
  • We have a plan in place to ensure that our current facilities and extended spaces are creating community hubs where all people feel welcome, safe, and valued
  • Our programs, services, and connections are creating immersive experiences that engage and connect the community in service to improved health outcomes.  We will pay special attention to those who feel isolated and excluded
  • We have continued our journey of becoming an inclusive and diverse organization. We honour and leverage the strengths of our Indigenous staff and volunteers, and Truth and Reconciliation informs our work throughout the organization
  • We leverage data and have invested in new systems, tools and software to enrich the experience of our members and enhance the quality of our programs

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