Strategic Priority

A Place for Everyone

Our spaces and services are a beacon in the community. Activating spaces where people choose to gather is another strategic imperative surfaced by our research. Over the next ten years we will reimagine our assets and new initiatives based on new patterns of where and how people choose to live, work and play closer together. We will apply research findings that the YMCA could benefit from going to where people are – extending our services outside the wall of YMCA facilities, striving to ensure that we are addressing all barriers to access.

Goals 2021-2030

  • We have reimagined and reenergized unused or ineffective spaces in our facilities, giving the community a place to belong: creating “community beacons”
  • We have expanded the reach of our services by taking our programming into the community, with a specific focus on seniors and youth and others with limited access to transportation
  • We have invested in making current spaces and programs more welcoming to diverse populations, while ensuring affordability and accessibility for everyone
  • We have a physical presence in geographically underserved areas
  • We are the chosen place for intergenerational gathering

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