YMCA Calgary

is a place for

Our Promise to you:

We believe in people. We see their potential. We see strengths in our differences and inspiration in our diversity. 

We are the neighbour you can count on, a place for everyone; a space to play, to challenge yourself, to build resilience and to grow. 
The journey may start with a splash, a bounce, or a crunch under your boots; and if we do our part, it will lead to a healthier, more vibrant community.  

Your YMCA exists so that everyone has an opportunity to belong. 

A Trusted Charity

YMCA Calgary has a long history and proud legacy of working with and for the community as a charity. Within the next ten years, we will celebrate 125 years of serving Calgarians. We must continue to be trusted to deliver on our commitments to the communities and stakeholders we serve and be a relevant charity of choice.


Exceptional Experiences

People are looking for, and value experiences - experiences in which they are immersed, have opportunities to connect, and feel engaged. Our research helped us understand that we need to deliver experiences that enhance the quality of people’s lives through connection and engagement.


We Can’t Do It Alone

Our choice is to focus on partnerships with organizations that share our vision. The dynamics of the social and economic changes sweeping over Calgary are much too complex and weighty for any one organization to tackle on its own.

There is a readiness and willingness to work together in ways that have not been tried before.  Through collaboration and strengthened partnerships, we will enrich our impact and outcomes to better serve the needs of the community.  


A Place for Everyone

Our spaces and services are a beacon in the community. Activating spaces where people choose to gather is another strategic imperative surfaced by our research. Over the next ten years we will reimagine our assets and new initiatives based on new patterns of where and how people choose to live, work and play closer together.


Here for the Long Term

YMCA Calgary has a strong history of serving the Calgary community. We want to continue to be here for the long term. Within the next ten years, we will celebrate milestones such as Camp Chief Hector YMCA turning 100 years old and 50 years of girls attending camp. We know how to manage and maintain assets and we want to ensure our facilities are sustainable and accessible to everyone.


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